In the above drop-down box, you will find key documents such as the Hearing Schedule

On this webpage you will find a list of hearing topics and the likely order for hearing the topics. This list and the order are provisional and may change at any stage in the hearing process. This webpage will be kept updated.

The following explains the tabs that can be found for each topic below.

Sessions - allows you to see when each hearing session is scheduled for that topic, the submitters who have booked into each session and the evidence for that session.

Panel - allows you to see which panel members will be sitting on that topic.

Documents - contains the IHP documents such as the Parties and Issues Report and hearing agenda. All Direct Discussion outcomes for topics 019, 023, 025 and 032 and any off-line agreements reached between parties will also be found under this tab.

Evidence - contains all the evidence and documents provided by the submitters including Council's marked-up versions.


The Independent Hearings Panel (the Panel) has now completed all the hearings. The Panel will provide its recommendations on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan to the Auckland Council no later than 22 July 2016.

The Council (Governing Body) will consider the Panel’s recommendations and make decisions on whether to accept, accept in part or reject recommendations. The Council is required to publicly notify its decisions by 19 August 2016. Submitters will be notified by Auckland Council about the decisions and where they can view them.

The Panel’s recommendations and the Council’s decisions will only be made available on the Auckland Council website. On 27 July (late afternoon) the Independent Hearings Panel recommendations will be publicly available on the Auckland Council website. This will include a summary document explaining the panel’s recommended changes to the proposed Unitary Plan and a recommended version of the plan. The Panel’s recommendations will not be published on the AUPIHP website.

Following public notification of the Council’s decisions, the appeal period commences. For specific appeal and judicial review rights see sections 155-159 of the Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Act 2010. You may wish to seek your own legal advice on this.

The Council will be considering the Panel’s recommendations at meetings in August 2016. You will be able to see the agenda and minutes of these meetings on Council’s website.
Please note that from 22 July 2016 the Independent Hearings Panel office will no longer be operational and any questions about the Unitary Plan should be directed to Auckland Council at unitaryplan@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Until 22 July 2016, you can call us on 09 979 5566 or email us with any questions.

Hearing Schedule Documents

Document Size (kb) Date
Schedule.pdf 267.52 16/05/2016
Notice of Cross Examination form.pdf 123.04 25/06/2015
Best Practice Approaches - how to enquire about your site.pdf 458.80 09/09/2015
Admin schedule.pdf 191.19 12/04/2016
Schedule - list of changes no longer on main schedules.pdf 1134.52 04/12/2015
Hearing topic details.pdf 270.74 07/08/2015
Important hearing information.pdf 42.02 28/10/2014
Overview of hearing schedule.pdf 275.56 13/08/2015
Reallocation register - 2014-10-31.xlsx 1199.13 31/03/2016
Submitter information for pre-hearing meeting.pdf 82.43 14/11/2014
Evidence template.docx 27.98 04/08/2015

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